On 27th September, there is a Mcmillan coffee morning at Washwood Heath Health & Well-Being Centre. Hamd Medical Practice staff will be there whole day selling food and cakes made by the staff and the local sponsors and will be donating all that money to the charity. Along side with that we will be running the cancer screening awareness event. This is to educate patients on Breast, Bowel and Cervical screening.

As we all know that the National cancer screening rate is low for our locality we have taken this initiative to educate the patients with the importance of screening. The breast screening nurse Rose Isaac has kindly agreed to be there to educate all the ladies and talk to them about the Breast screening. She will do  a presentation for 10:45A M in the morning in a separate room for all the ladies and also available till 3PM to talk to them on one to one basis for any queries. The bowel screening team was also been contacted and I am waiting for their confirmation.

The event starts from 10 AM in the morning and lasts for the whole day.